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Alabama Dept. of Corrections Releases Response Plan

Department of Corrections releases a strategic plan to combat prison issues, such as overcrowding and physical and sexual violence..

Posted: May 23, 2019 6:59 PM
Updated: May 23, 2019 6:59 PM

Speech to Text for Alabama Dept. of Corrections Releases Response Plan

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charged with murder. tonight the alabama department of corrections released its plan to fix serious problems with the prison system. it comes as the feds breathe down the state's neck about fixing the issues fast. the state says it will work on four key areas over the next three to four years. staffing, programming, culture, and infrastructure. waay31's breken terry shows us how it could stop the state, from being sued by the justice department. in the justice departments harsh report of alabama's 13 male prisons, the biggest issue and what lead to so much sexual abuse and violence is the fact that alabama prisons are not staffed with enough correctional officers. this strategic plan focuses on increasing correctional officer pay and hiring more qualified officers. mobley- medical care has been really bad too. kyllian mobley has never spent time in alabama's prison system. but he told me he's kept up with all the reports on the issues. he says he's glad to see the department of corrections is working toward being staffed at more than 85-percent by 2021. that includes corrections officer, and medical staff. mobley- even though the prisoners have broken the law they are serving time and there is not reason to make that time worse than it is for their sentence. the department's next goal is infrastructure, which includes identifying the worst facilities and making improvements to those for inmates and officers. plus exploring the long term possibility of building new prisons. mobley- it's honestly more important to improve conditions in current prisons. i honestly don't know why we would want to build more. the department also says it will work on the culture- improving the environment for staff by offering employee wellness programs and stronger communication. finally, the department wants to focus on programming -- more rehabilitation programs for inmates to reduce their chances of committing crimes when they are released. mobley- when they do enter society we do want them to be productive members. look live tag: we know the department of corrections just hired some 50 correctional officers the plan is to hire hundreds more in the coming years. lawmakers told waay31 they don't believe the justice department will sue the state because they are working together to fix alabama's prison issues. in florence, bt waay31. lawmakers want governor ivey to call a special session so they can pass prison reform. one bill deals with sentencing guidelines, to keep prisons from being
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