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Huntsville High School grad gets surprise from brother in Air Force

Huntsville High School grad gets surprise from brother in Air Force

Posted: May 23, 2019 4:50 PM
Updated: May 23, 2019 4:50 PM

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just hours before her graduation -- a high school senior got the surprise of a lifetime. waay-31s alexis scott shows us the sweet moment the soon-to be-graduate realized who was there to say, congratulation s. hundreds of seniors from huntsville high school practiced their graduation ceremony here at the von braun center. but one graduate couldn't make it across without shedding a few tears.. devancy jefferson, "are you surprised? yeah, that's what i counted on," faculty at huntsville high school rehearsed graduation opening speeches and a quick walk through of how students need to cross the stage. but one family wanted to make sure this moment would be something to hold on to forever. you can see brittany o'keefe wearing a hot pink shirt that says i'm a proud air force sister. she doesn't realize as soon as she crosses the stage -- her brother -- whom she hasn't seen in nearly two years, has come back from overseas to celebrate her big day. nat sound her of when she realizes he's here brittany told me she had no idea what was happening... she was confused to see family members in the arena, for a graduation rehearsal. brittany o'keefe, graduating senior "i thought we were going out to eat when i saw all of them there, i didn't know why they were all here," devancy jefferson told me this surprise has been in the works for a long time now... he'd do whatever it takes to be here. as you can see-- brittany was overjoyed. brittany o'keefe, graduating senior "i really thought he was going to miss my graduation and that's the last thing i would want," brittany told me when she was 10 years old she specifically told her brother not to do something like this. devancy didnt listen. devancy jefferson, "what do siblings always do...the opposite. you're welcome," brittany's answer, when i asked what her plans are now that her brother is home? brittany o'keefe, graduating senior "i really just want to spend some time with my niece and sister-in-law but i really miss my brother," devancy and brittany don't have all the time in the world today... but they told me they'll make the time they do have last forever. reporting in huntsville -- alexis scott waay-31 news huntsville high school's graduation ceremony will start tonight at 5:30 at the von braun center...
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