Staying safe at the pool this summer

WAAY 31's Sierra Phillips found out how cities keep public pools safe

Posted: May 23, 2019 4:48 PM
Updated: May 23, 2019 4:48 PM

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many of you will hit the swimming pool this hot holiday weekend. this afternoon, we have a warning from the alabama department of health. they say every year, thousands of people go to hospitals because the chemicals in pools have been mishandled. we sent waay31s sierra phillips to find out how cities keep public pools safe. the arab city pool doesn't officially open until saturday --but lifeguards have been hard at work making sure the pool is safe for swimmers to dip their toes in." collins - "yeah....looks good!" presley collins is a lifeguard at the city pool in arab-- one of her jobs is to check the chemicals in the water. collins- "we test for bromine, chlorine, alkalinity....seve ral things." even though pool staff should be checking ---the department of health suggests you do your own check. you can buy your own litmus paper at stores like walmart, amazon, or lowe's..... collins- "you dip these in." .....and test to make sure chemicals aren't at dangerous levels. collins- "it'll also tell you the ideal." each test will show what range the ideal levels are for each chemical--- if a chemical is out of whack it could open swimmers up to health issues like bacterial infections, respiratory problems, rashes, and eye redness. the arab city pool has a multi part system-- the machine you're looking at right now tests what chemicals are needed and puts them in the water, then lifeguards do their own manual check a couple of times a day. collins- "for the safety of all of our swimmers." the department of health also warns if you feel sick, or have cuts --- don't go swimming. open wounds can make swimmers more vulnerable to bacteria lurking in the water that cause infections. in arab, sierra phillips waay31 news. a huntsville hospital pediatrician told waay31 it's rare to see people admitted for pool chemical illnesses. it's more common to treat children who ingest pool chemicals straight from the container... that is why it's so important to keep those chemicals locked up.
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