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ADOC releasing plan for prison reform

Department of corrections releasing prison plan.

Posted: May 23, 2019 7:55 AM
Updated: May 23, 2019 7:55 AM

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news. happening today -- the department of corrections is expected to release their plan to help improve the state prison system. waay31'srodneya ross joins us live now with a look into where the state is at in the prison reform process. rodneya? live -- the department of corrections is expected to release their strategic plan to the public which they tell us focuses on infrastructure, programming, culture, and staffing. vo 49 days ago the state received a letter from the department of justice saying an investigation into the state prisons shows the state of alabama is infringing on inmates constitutional rights and that violence, sexual assault, and drug abuse are huge issues in the 13 state run male prisons. state lawmakers waay 31 talked to admitted there are a lot of problems with the prison system -- but they told us the conversations they've had with attorney general jay towns are going well so they don't think a lawsuit will happen. they told us they are complying with changes the federal government recommended since the report first came out. i think the biggest key is this i think what the department of justice is looking for and what judge thompson is looking for, and i'm speaking for me not them, but what i think they are looking for is they want to show were making a good faith effort as a legislative and executive branch of government to try and comply with their concerns and i think in the conversations we've had i think were improving that and i don't think we will have a lawsuit. live on tuesday -- the senate passed the state budget which will give 46-million-dollars to the department of corrections. the state budget still has to be approved by the house. live in hsv, rr, waay 31 news.
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