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Maintaining Your Air Conditioning System

Sydney Martin talked to one company about the boom in business they are experiencing.

Posted: May 21, 2019 5:43 PM
Updated: May 21, 2019 5:43 PM

Speech to Text for Maintaining Your Air Conditioning System

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as the temperatures continue to rise this week - air conditioning companies are seeing a boom in business. waay 31's sydney martin talked to one company and learned they're working around the clock to keep up. mike vanek, joe east manger "we've been running full force and it's continuing with this heat." joe east one hour heating and air conditioning told me it's seeing around the clock work for service calls. this time of year is normally busy as temperatures start to rise..but it's more than they are used to. mike vanek, joe east manger"it's a little bit busier than last year but not much maybe 10 or 20 percent more." the manager told me he also goes out and gives estimates for potential customers. he said the company is getting more than 100 calls a day for service...and that means long hours for everyone. mike vanek, joe east manger"we've got guys on call 24/7. we are changing out systems monday - saturday. vanek explained the heat is putting extra stress on the unit...and he said changing out your filter once a month might help prevent issues...but it still might not be able to handle the high temps. mike vanek, joe east manger"these units are running hard. if you really think about your air conditioning unit. these compressors are running for hours and hours." vanek said that means they're looking for some help this summer to keep up with all the work. "in the summertime we might pick up helpers to go with the lead guys and split them up in that way." syd, "i reached out to many companies across north alabama --who told me they're also working around the clock. with memorial day coming up --companies told me they plan to keep some of their workers on call. in huntsville sm waay 31 news." based on the data -- our waay 31 weather team said we have the potential to break heat records for as many as
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