Students Won't Get Take-Home Laptops Next Year

Scottie Kay spoke with parents about the changes they can soon expect after the Limestone County School District will no longer allow students to take home laptops from school.

Posted: May 21, 2019 5:40 PM
Updated: May 21, 2019 5:40 PM

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changes for one school district are already in the works for next year! thanks for joining us -- i'm dan shaffer. and i'm najahe sherman. the limestone county school district will no longer allow students to take laptops home! school officials told us it's getting too expensive. waay 31's scottie kay was in limestone county today where she spoke with parents about the changes they can soon expect in the classroom and at home. this week is the last week of school for students in limestone county. it's also the last week, they'll be able to pack up their macbooks and carry them home. pkg: eydie owens, lives in limestone county "technology in today's world, you've got to have it. it's the way that the world is going. if you don't have it, you're just sort of left behind." eydie owens' son just graduated from west limestone high school last year. west limestone is one of many schools in limestone county that has been a part of what the school district calls the "digital passport initiative." the program has allowed students to take their macbooks home with them since it started in 20-13. it's something owens is a big fan of. eydie owens, lives in limestone county "it helps them do their homework. and a lot of people can't afford to have the internet and computers at home, because they're not cheap." and she's not the only parent who's noticed the perks of the take-home laptops. betty courson, lives in limestone county "they seem to study better on them and do better with them than they did without them. they've gotten really good grades with them, and they didn't without them." but the limestone county school district is putting an end to the take-home laptops next school year and they tell me its for financial reasons. officials say the amount of damage done to the macbooks has increased each year. because of how expensive it is to repair and replace the computers, they believe the best option is to just keep the laptops in the classroom. judy fletcher, lives in limestone county "i think it's a good thing, because it does cost a lot to get them fixed. and, also, a lot of these kids are not responsible enough. our kids do not pay enough attention for anything like a laptop." owens says she's sad to hear students won't be typing away at the kitchen table anymore. she told me she thinks an after- school program that would allow students to use the laptops for homework would be a good idea. eydie owens, lives in limestone county "they need to make a room where they can go into that room, with a teacher, and have that teacher monitor them and what they're doing." reporting in limestone county, sk, waay 31 news the district currently has forty-five hundred mac- books. they tell waay 31 they plan to sell five hundred of the oldest laptops to pay for some new charging carts for the classrooms. they're hoping to have more than a hundred carts, which will cost them
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