A Winning Family

Mars Hill Bible School takes home state championships with family ties

Posted: May 20, 2019 10:39 PM
Updated: May 20, 2019 10:39 PM

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it's been a big year for mars hill bible school. football started off the year by winning their first state championship, then fast forward to the end of the school year, both baseball and softball snag those state trophies. there's a lot of connection between two of these teams, waay 31 sports reporter lauren cavasinni explains. in the mitchell house hold every child played a sport. jay: "i actually had to force allie to play when she was seven..." that happens sometimes when your dad is a coach. jay: "never had to make erika play, she's very competitive in basketball also, so never had to make erika play." erika: "he's made me everything i am. he's taught me everything." jay mitchell has been the baseball coach at mars hill bible for 17 years, his kids grew up watching their dad on the baseball field. erika: " i mean i just listen to him most of the time 'cause he knows what he's talking about, and that helps." stand up: some parents can say they've watched their kids win a state championship, but jay and erika mitchell can both say they've earned the hardware in the same year, jay: "it's an honor. i mean, we both love mars hill so much and we just do what we can to give back and help and be a little part of it." and erika is part of history, winning softball's first title. erika: "it was very exciting, being runner up last year did not feel good, knowing we could have won. we had a 7-1 lead. we just didn't want to go back to doing that, so we just dug down and did what it took." nat of them winning sig out. i think las sound is repetitive.. and your lead in didn't go but if you can think of something to write here... do it. "you know, players play and win, and she's a big part of that and those guys are a big part of that and coaches are just lucky to be involved." "it's great to win. we got there and we didn't want to give up at the end we just did what it took and we came together and you know we had it in us, we just knew we had to get there." reporting in florence, lauren cavasinni, waay 31 sports.
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