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Ivey: Businesses Won't Leave AL Over Abortion Law

Breken Terry reports from Montgomery with Governor Kay Ivey's viewpoint on the new abortion law affecting Alabama tourism.

Posted: May 20, 2019 6:43 PM
Updated: May 20, 2019 6:43 PM

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i'm dan shaffer. and i'm najahe sherman. governor kay ivey says her office hasn't seen any push back from big industry over the abortion law. it comes as she predicts record tourism numbers for 2019. waay31's breken terry shows us how other states have suffered from controversial laws. look live: i am here in montgomery right in front of the governors office. ivey told us the legislature has spoken on the abortion law and now we must follow it. governor kay ivey made it clear when asked about alabama's controversial ban on abortion. ivey- the bill passed the house and senate overwhelmingly and the amendment to include exceptions were defeated so the legislature has spoken and underscores the sanctity of life the people of alabama value so highly. right now the bill bans abortion except in the case of the mother's life in danger. representative terri collins, who sponsored the bill, told waay 31 she wants exceptions for rape and incest to be added after the law after it makes it's way through the court system. there is no telling when that could be. here's what governor ivey said when we asked her if she personally believed there should be no exception for rape or incest. ivey- we have to abide by the law. no businesses have pulled out of alabama in light of the new law. but the "keyboard crusaders" on social media are calling for boycotts. me: have you gotten any push back from big businesses like toyota mazada because of this act? ivey: no i have not and i don't expect too. back in 2017, north carolina passed a controversial bill over trans-gender bathrooms. the associated press predicted the state could lose nearly four-billion dollars in tourism and industry. lawmakers approved a partial repeal in 2018, but some media outlets say the state is still haunted by the law. alabama officials say they're certain the abortion law won't hurt the economy. sentell- we are going to continue to market alabama in the very same positive way we have to talk about the hospitality and friendliness. look live tag: although many are calling to boycott events in the state from football, to concerts, it's unclear if people will actually do it and if the state will see a substantial loss of revenue because of this law. in motgomery bt waay31 news.
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