Alabama's controversial abortion bill making its way to Governor Kay Ivey's desk

Alabama's controversial abortion bill making its way to Governor Kay Ivey's desk

Posted: May. 15, 2019 4:38 PM
Updated: May. 15, 2019 4:38 PM

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happening right now ... alabama's controversial abortion bill is making its way to governor kay ivey's desk. the entire nation is watching to see if she will sign it into law. waay 31's sierra phillips is live - to explain how costly the next steps could be for alabama taxpayers. dan, najahe, if governor ivey signs the bill, it will almost immediately be tied up in lawsuits. of all the states passing abortion bills this year ... it seems alabama's is the one that could challenge roe v wade. mcdaniel- "alabama's is the harshest, therefore it could be the one that the supreme court addresses first." the abortion bill alabama senators sent to governor kay ivey tuesday night is the toughest in the nation. it bans almost all abortions, putting the criminal penalty on doctors who perform them. mcdaniel- "it makes it a class a felony---- its like murder, robbery 1, burglary 1, rape 1" that's why huntsville lawyer mark mcdaniel says this bill could be the one to make it to the nation's high court. mcdaniel- "this statute will be contested in the united states supreme court." but a lot must happen first. governor ivey needs to sign it. that's something mcdaniel believes will happen. next- the aclu will file a lawsuit. the organization told waay 31 that's exactly what it plans to do. that suit will then go to district court. once that ruling is given.... mcdaniel- "it'll fly right to the 11th circuit court of appeals and then they'll rule on it." mcdaniel says no matter the ruling at each stage someone will appeal. mcdaniel - "who ever loses in the lower courts, they're going to take it to the united states supreme court." and then--- if the supreme court chooses to hear it-- the case will be in the hands of nine justices. if a majority rules in favor of the bill, it would likely end roe v wade, kicking the abortion issue back to the states. if they uphold the 1973 landmark ruling, abortion will remain legal in alabama- and the state could see more lawsuits. either way, mcdaniel says, the vote will be a close one. mcdaniel- "now, i don't predict which way....but i do predict the vote could be 5/4" mcdaniel says the cost to taxpayers won't necessarily come from legal bills - the attorney general's office would likely handle that, and those attorneys are already being paid by the state. the cost would come in losing lawsuits, and being forced to pay up. reporting live in huntsville, sierra phillips, waay31. so - what happens next? first - we wait to see what governor ivey does. the bill should be reaching her desk at any minute. she has three options. she can sign it - in which case the ban goes into place in six months. she can veto it. or she can do nothing. if she doesn't sign it six days after reaching her desk, the bill automatically becomes law. let's say the governor does veto the bill. well - in alabama - the legislature is essentially veto-proof. that's because a "veto override" only requires a simple majority from the house and senate. that's 53-votes in the house, out of 105. and 18-votes in the senate, out of 35. alabama is one of only six states that requires a majority vote from both chambers. alabama democratics are pushing governor ivey to not sign the bill.. one of the most outspoken leaders is senator bobby singleton.. who's amendment to include rape and incest was voted down last night. senator singleton is asking the governor to veto the bill and lead by example.. i say to governor ivey you're a compassionate woman. i would just like to ask you not to sign this bill. think about what you're doing to mothers. think about what you're doing to babies that could be raped. think about what you're doing to to just women in their reproductive health in your state. you say you want to be a governor that is gonna lead by example. then lead by example governor... senator singleton is the former leader of the alabama black caucus, and minority whip of the democratic caucus. congressman mo brooks hasn't made an official statement on the bill. however, he has co- sponsored some federal abortion legislation. today he tweeted he is a co-sponsor of the "abortion is not health care" act. it would end tax deductions for abortions.. and what he calls the government's treatment of abortions as a "healing medical practice" senator doug jones also took to twitter after the ban passed.. he said "i refuse to believe that these republican men represent the views of most alabamians. their action is both unconstitutiona l and shameful. the people of alabama deserve to be on the right side of history - not the side of extremists. women deserve better." senator richard shelby won't say if he backs the abortion ban. but he did say he's always supported the "hyde amendment" which prohibits federal funding of abortions. he's "always supported" exceptions for rape or incest. when reporters asked him if he opposes the bill he said "i don't oppose any of that because i'm not in the legislature ... i don't know anything about it anymore than you know." as the nation's high court has shifted to a conservative majority - several states have addressed abortion. take a look at your screen.. all the states in orange have passed restrictions on abortion. states in yellow have pending restrictions. you can see many of them are in the south. the states in purple and pink have protections, or pending protections, for abortion. in ohio -- planned parenthood and abortion clinics have formally filed lawsuits over the heartbeat bill. that complaint was filed today in federal court. it says the ban of abortions after the first detectable fetal heartbeat is unconstitutional and would prohibit nearly all abortions in ohio. the legal challenge was expected by the law's backers, and the governor. in georgia governor brian kemp delayed his annual trip to los angeles to promote georgia's film industry! this comes as movie executives, producers and actors criticize the state's heartbeat bill. industry workers have threatened to boycott georgia, while some have said they would donate to groups such as the american civil liberties union instead. several major hollywood productions are filmed in georgia like the walking dead, stranger things, and the hunger games. waay 31 is still learning more about the impacts of this legislation on the state.. be sure to stay with us because we sat down with one local doctor who talked about women's health concerns..
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