Supporters and opponents ready to fight over bill

We talked to the owner of an abortion clinic and local pro-life activists about the abortion bill

Posted: May 14, 2019 10:43 PM
Updated: May 14, 2019 10:43 PM

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right side of history." we continue our team coverage in huntsville where one of three abortion clinics in the state is located ... waay 31 talked to the clinic owner and local pro-life activists about the abortion bill ... she joins us live now in huntsville with what she's learned ... after talking with people on both sides of the abortion debate ... i've learned the american civil liberties union is ready to sue if this bill is signed into law ... and local pro-life activists say they're ready to go to battle over what they think is right ... governor kay ivey's signature is the next step in alabama's abortion bill becoming law ... dalton johnson "we have been down this road and fought these battles when they come in with these trap laws and target regulations at abortion providers." one of those battles happened in 2016 ... when alabama paid the american civil liberties union one point seven million dollars after a law passed by the legislature was found unconstitutional. it required abortion providers to have hospital admitting privileges. in addition to the 1.7 million ... the aclu told us there's another lawsuit between their organization and alabama ... and if the supreme court denies review then the state will likely owe the organization more than a million dollars ... an american civil liberties union representative added they along with planned parenthood are preparing to sue if governor ivey signs the abortion bill into law ... alabama state republican executive committee member and pro-life activist james henderson said the legal costs won't keep him from fighting ... james henderson "some battles you just have to fight, and i don't know how to put a value on the life on an unborn child. we're ready for the fight." the bill includes no exceptions for rape or incest ... something pro-life activist carol henderson fought for when she spoke at the house health committee a few weeks ago ... carol henderson "we are for no exceptions in this bill, and we believe that the life begins at conception as a baby no matter what and that baby has a right to life." yashica robinson is an abortion provider in huntsville ... and she described the lack of exceptions as cruel ... yashica robinson "i just think women should have access to abortion care regardless. there's no reason that's more valid than another. i think the fact that a woman has chosen that she needs to end her pregnancy is valid enough for me." i called the governors office to find out if and when she'll sign the abortion bill into law ... i haven't heard back yet but representative terri collins, who sponsored the bill, told waay 31 that she expects governor ivey to sign the bill. live in hsv ss waay
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