House Of Filth Becomes Crime Scene

A crate containing a dead dog was discovered at the bottom of a pile of trash in the home in new Market, which investigators have been going through the remnants left in the home by for former owners.

Posted: May 14, 2019 6:37 PM
Updated: May 14, 2019 6:37 PM

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-- waay t-v dot com. new details at 6 on a house of filth, waay 31 was first to tell you about. tonight we've learned a criminal investigation is now underway at that house in new market. waay 31's sydney martin learned about a heart- wrenching find under all that trash. it could result in a felony against the former owners. bud gambrell, neighbor, " they found the crate with the dead dog in it covered in trash. so yes, it could have been in those pictures we just couldn't see it because it was covered up." that's what neighbors say the cleaning crew found when getting all of this trash out of the house on meadow green drive. madison county animal control director, mike fritz, told me those claims were enough to get him out to this house less than a day after he learned about the situation. mike fritz, madison county animal control director, "it appears there is a possibility these animals had been abandoned for possibly ten months." animal control along with the madison county sheriff's office said if the animals were abandoned the former owners are facing felony animal cruelty charges. neighbors say that needs to happen. bud gambrell, neighbor, "it makes me sick to think that dog was trapped in that crate and couldn't get out to fend for himself." fritz said he's never seen anything like this, in the nearly three decades he's worked for animal control..but wants all animal owners to know this is not acceptable. "you take on the responsibility to own a pet. regardless. dog, cat, livestock whatever. that's a responsibility you take on yourself and you can't just walk away from it." neighbors hope the former owners are held responsible. "bud gambrell, neighbor, "it's such a heinous thing to do. surely, thank god you don't hear about things like this very often." "the whole point on this whole wasn't the new owner making it a mess..for me it was the old owner left it in such a mess." syd, "the madison county sheriff's office told us this is an active investigation. if the former owners are convicted of felony animal cruelty they could face up to 10 years in prison and a 5000 dollar fine. in madison county sm waay 31 news. madison county animal control told us it's still gathering info on the case. it is working
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