Amendments Introduced Into Abortion Bill Debate

As debates continue, amendments have been introduced into the abortion bill proposals.

Posted: May 14, 2019 6:35 PM
Updated: May 14, 2019 6:35 PM

Speech to Text for Amendments Introduced Into Abortion Bill Debate

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we begin with breaking news... new amendments are being introduced to alabama's controversial abortion bill. the debate has been underway for two solid hours now. thanks for joining us -- i'm najahe sherman. and i'm dan shaffer. waay31's breken terry is in the state senate chambers for this lengthy debate. breken, where are things right now? senator vivian figures just added an amendment saying if this bill passes and is ultimately signed into law, the lawmakers who voted for it would have to use their own money to pay for the legal fees... that went to a roll call vote and failed. ad lib... on who is talking etc. the bill introduced by representative terri collins basically bans all abortions in the state past two weeks of pregnancy. it punishes the abortion provider, not the woman seeking it, with a felony and jail time. collins wants to use this bill to challenge roe v. wade. republican senator clyde chambilss, who's handling the bill in the senate, said it will save lives and it's worth the cost of any legal fight. for the last two hours, he's been listening to democrats state their opposition. much has been said about the lack of exception in the case of rape and incest. one senator shared a personal story of finding out his wife was having complications in her pregnancy, and they did not choose abortion. he used the story to make his case against the bill. <the significance of what i'm saying is that it's very obvious what my choice was whether or not to abort or not but the significance is i had the choice. > representative terri collins from decatur introduced this legislation to be a legal challenge to roe versus wade. she wrote it specifically so that it can be considered by the supreme court. this isn't the first time the state has tried a legal challenge to abortion. you're looking at a 1.7-million dollar check paid out in a settlement with the a-c-l-u and planned parenthood in 2016. the payment was made to reimburse the organization for court costs after a law requiring abortion providers to have hospital admitting privileges was found to be unconstitutiona l. critics say this challenge is another waste of taxpayer money -- while several pro-life groups say the legal battle is worth
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