Abortion Bill Vote

Senate Set to vote on Abortion Bill

Posted: May 14, 2019 7:21 AM
Updated: May 14, 2019 7:21 AM

Speech to Text for Abortion Bill Vote

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happening today -- the alabama senate will likely vote on a state abortion ban. it's already passed the house. waay 31's rodneya ross is live this morning with a look at what the bill's sponsor is hoping to accomplish. rodneya. good morning greg and alyssa...if the senate passes the bill today-- it will land on governor kay ivey's desk for her signature. waay 31 talked to the decatur lawmaker who's the original sponsor of the bill and what she's hoping happens today. decatur representative terri collins bill as it stands--would not allow any exceptions to abortions unless the pregnancy will put the mother's life at risk. this means if a woman is pregnant from rape or incest she will no longer legally be able to get an abortion. representative collins told us she has supported exceptions in the past but right now she does not-- and hope the bill makes it out of the senate without any amendments. she's also hoping the bill will get the attention of the conservative majority supreme court. many lawmakers who support the bill would like to first see it passed and then they would like to see roe versus wade to be challenged. "the point of the bill is to actually address the reasoning behind the roe v. wade decision. their reasoning was the baby in the womb is not a person." butt to "what is happening is that all pro-life legislation is being ruled unconstitutional until we actually revisit roe v. wade decision." roe versus wade made abortions legal in the united states in 19-73 after a historic supreme court ruling. live in madison, rr, waay 31 news.
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