New hunting license allows use of bait

New license allows the use of bait in hunting feral pigs and white-tailed deer

Posted: May 13, 2019 10:44 PM
Updated: May 13, 2019 10:44 PM

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dot com. new tonight at ten... in just a week of being available for sale, roughly 300 people have bought new hunting licenses. it allows them to hunt feral pigs and white tailed deer by using bait... that's according to the alabama department of conservation and natural resources... feral pigs have historically been a nuisance to land owners in parts of alabama... waay 31's kody fisher found out how this new hunting license will impact hunters and land owners... governor ivey signed a bill last week making this change... hunters would not be allowed to use bait on federally owned land... they can only use it on private... or leased land... nats: robert pitman is a veterinarian in athens... he has personal experience with feral pigs tearing up his land in limestone county... robert pitman/veterinari an "they root up with the nose. they use those to rip you open." he says the pigs can be very destructive... robert pitman/veterinari an "all your food plots, destroy natural habitats for other animals." pitman has already been using a trap like this... with corn in the middle... to catch pigs... robert pitman/veterinari an "killed over 200 in 2 months." the difference with this new law... is you're required to get a license to use the bait... pitman says the more important change with this new law... is hunters being allowed to hunt white tailed deer with bait... nats: dj holder is a hunter... dj holder/hunter "i don't like it at all, because that takes hunting out of hunting. that's just like me going bass fishin', but yet i'm going to carry a net." hunters are not required to get this new license... and can still choose to hunt deer without bait... nats: pitman says beyond changing the traditional means of hunting... baiting deer also presents a potential health problem for the deer population... robert pitman/veterinari an "when you start baiting deer specifically you give them the opportunity to congregate in a single place and source of food to spread disease." this new law that allows the alabama department of conservation and natural resources to suspend these new baiting privilege licenses to stop the spread of disease... reporting live in madison county... kody fisher... waay
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