Naked man seen laying in the middle of traffic on Memorial Parkway in Huntsville

Naked man seen laying in the middle of traffic on Memorial Parkway in Huntsville

Posted: May. 13, 2019 4:53 PM
Updated: May. 13, 2019 4:53 PM

Speech to Text for Naked man seen laying in the middle of traffic on Memorial Parkway in Huntsville

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we're learning more about a picture that's getting a lot of attention on facebook. here's what some of you saw last night while driving on memorial parkway. yes - that's a naked man laying in the middle of traffic. we sent waay31's sydney martin to find out where the man is now. cedric baker, lives in huntsville"that's the parkway. you can't be laying in the highway butt naked. you know what i mean? he must have a death wish or something." cedric baker told me he was shocked to see this image pop up on his facebook news feed. it's been shared more than one thousand times. huntsville emergency medical services told me, paramedics came across the man while they were transporting a different patient to the hospital. something people told me they would never expect to see on anytime along the parkway. bruce tehan, lives in huntsville"it's bizarre to say the least." medics say the man was laying in the road just over the hill from clinton avenue near governor's drive..... they stopped to make sure he was okay and that no one ran him over... people who drive the road told me it's a miracle he wasn't. bruce tehan, lives in huntsville "they move right along. 60-70 mph sometimes." cedric baker, lives in huntsville "super fast. super fast." medics eventually loaded the man into an ambulance and took him to huntsville hospital to be evaluated. bruce tehan, lives in huntsville"he must not have been thinking very clearly to do that." cedric baker, lives in huntsville"he's lucky to be alive. he's lucky somebody came through and picked him up." syd, "huntsville police told me officers responded after the department received multiple calls about him laying in the middle of the road. he is not expected to face any charges at this time. in huntsville sm waay 31 news." medics told us they've treated the man before. they say he has a history of mental illness. they convinced him to put his underwear on before they loaded him into the ambulance.
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