Emaciated Great Dane Dropped at Shelter

"Nelly," a Great Dane who was dropped off at the Dekalb Co. Animal Shelter is being nursed back to health.

Posted: May 10, 2019 6:37 PM
Updated: May 10, 2019 6:37 PM

Speech to Text for Emaciated Great Dane Dropped at Shelter

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dot com. the pictures are hard to look at ... a great dane so starved, she can barely stand up. someone dumped her at the dekalb county animal shelter but tonight .... nelly the dane is on the mend. waay 31's sierra phillips went to fort payne to show us what's next in nelly's recovery. adams- "she look good on camera? good......work it girl!" meet nelly, or nervous nelly, as shelter volunteer amanda adams calls her. for two weeks now, adams has been helping nurse the great dane back to health. she says most people seem to scare the gentle giant. adams- she's still pretty nervous, but she's coming along she's warming up to people." standup- "she was dropped off here at the outdoor kennels over the weekend, after the 10 day waiting period the shelter director took her home." adams- "when they drop them off like that you have no idea where they come from." these pictures were taken shortly after nelly was abandoned. workers think she's two years old. at that age, nelly should weigh about 110-pounds. they don't know how much she weighed when she was dropped off, because their scales weren't working. in addition to be malnourished, volunteers say she has mange and kennel cough. adams- "she looks a lot better than she did when she showed up here." the dekalb county shelter says it's so overcrowded, and space is so limited, they're forced to put down nearly 150 animals a month. and it's not uncommon to find dogs like nelly on the brink of death. adams- "she's going to be a really sweet girl." but things are looking up for nelly, who's getting better every day and is learning how to be a rescue dog. adams- "its okay...its just a truck sweet girl...its not gonna hurt you...." in fort payne sierra phillips waay31 news. volunteers say they have no idea who dropped off nelly. you can learn how to help her, and other dogs like her, at waay tv dot
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