New cell tower coming to Lester in Limestone County

New cell tower coming to Lester in Limestone County

Posted: May. 10, 2019 5:21 PM
Updated: May. 10, 2019 5:21 PM

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in a small limestone county town, a cell phone makes a really good paperweight. but this afternoon the people of lester will soon be more connected. waay 31's scottie kay shows us how they're welcoming a giant cell tower with open arms. here in lester, cell service can be very spotty. in fact, i'm not able to report live on this story because of it. but with this new cell tower being built, folks who live and work here in lester are hoping that will change. pkg: sharon smith, lives in lester "out here, our phone service is so sporadic, you may have service, you may not have service." sharon smith has lived in the small town of lester, alabama her entire life. it's a town that's become known for it's lack of cell service. lisa heasley, lives in lester "i have calls drop all the time. or i cannot even make phone calls. i could be inside the house and i cannot make a phone call to save my soul." lisa heasley says not being able to communicate is starting to get old. lisa heasley, lives in lester "it's a pain in the butt, to be honest with you. there's been plenty of times where i've wanted to throw my phone." smith knows the frustration ... the lack of service even impacts her business. sharon smith, lives in lester "if i'm trying to get a picture of a part and send it, or somebody's trying to send it to me, i have to try and find service. go out to the road and wait. maybe i'll get it, maybe i won't." that's why smith is allowing at&t to build a cell phone tower on her property. she says she's tired of her landline being her only lifeline. in fact, most of the time, when she's at home or at work, smith says she keeps her cell phone off because having it on just drains the battery. sharon smith, lives in lester "i have customers who call and they have problems. i can't tell what they're saying. i get every third of fourth word. it's frustrating for them and it's frustrating for me." smith says she gladly leased her property to the cell phone giant ... saying it could be the difference in life-or-death. sharon smith, lives in lester "if it's an emergency, it could be detrimental." and that's why she was on board from the start. sharon smith, lives in lester "we need this, i think it's great for our growing community. things are changing and we have to change with the times." reporting in limestone county, sk, waay 31 news the cell tower is expected to be live by the end of the year. neighbors tell us the tower didn't get any push back from the community. we reached out to at&t but they didn't return our calls.
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