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Littleville Volunteer Fire Department chief steps down

The chief of the Littleville Volunteer Fire Department resigned Friday afternoon

Posted: Mar 15, 2019 10:38 PM
Updated: Mar 15, 2019 10:38 PM

Speech to Text for Littleville Volunteer Fire Department chief steps down

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the chief of the littleville volunteer fire department resigned this afternoon... rodney mcanally is also the chief of the tuscumbia fire department... he told us he was asked to step down by the colbert county commission... he summed up his resignation in three words... relief -- heartbroken -- betrayal... thanks for joining us -- i'm najahe sherman. an i'm dan shaffer. littlville is just south of tuscumbia... waay 31's kody fisher was out in colbert county tonight... getting to the bottom of what happened... "firefighters with the littleville fire department tell me they're very sad about how this whole situation played out." none of the firefighters wanted to go on camera... but they tell me more focus needs to be given to the department... and can understand being chief of two fire departments can be overwhelming... for littleville chief mcanally told me he did feel spread thin between the two jobs... and had been actively trying get someone to take over his position as chief in littleville... he did not want to go into specifics of why he described his departure as a betrayal... nats: the littleville firefighters tell me they have 8 total trucks... and four of them need some sort of maintenance... which is one of the things that slipped through the cracks under chief mcanally because he was spread thin... once word of mcanally's resignation got through the community... five former volunteer firefighters stepped up and said they would rejoin the department... before the resignation... they were down to 7 active members... "firefighters here tell me a board will be created in the next 30 days. they will decide how the fire department moves forward from here. reporting in littleville, kody fisher, waay 31 news." the colbert county sheriff came by the littleville fire department today to collect the paramedic bag from the department... mcanally was the only paramedic in the department... and without him... they could not have the bag with medications
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