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Students React to College Admission Scandal

Casey Albritton talked with students at a local high school to get their reactions to the college admission scandal.

Posted: Mar 13, 2019 6:42 PM
Updated: Mar 13, 2019 6:42 PM

Speech to Text for Students React to College Admission Scandal

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children into elite universities. with the scandal coming to light this week, we wanted to know if local high schools were on alert, as students prepare to take the a-c-t and s-a-t. waay 31's casey albritton got answers at bob jones high school. the principal here tells me she's confident in how those tests are administered. there are no plans to make changes. students tell me the scandal is sickening, but it won't stop them from trying to get into their dream schools. kafui sakyi-addo/ bob jones senior "i think it's incredibly unfair that someone...just because they are at a higher socioeconomic level can pay their way into college for a kid...because speaking as someone from a lower socioeconomic level that's incredibly unfair." students at bob jones high school are preparing for a week of spring break. but before they get some rest, they're focusing on the future. it's college-career week, and they tell me they were furious to learn wealthy kids got into schools through bribery, and cheating. kafui sakyi-addo/ bob jones senior "given how hard my friends and i have been working and taking the act multiple times and bob jones works really hard to help us with our act scores and our sat scores it's just really unfair." a bob jones alum and current dartmouth college student said for every student who got into a school by cheating, a hard-working one was denied. gabriel kuenzli/ dartmouth student "some of my friends are coming from poorer families and had to work really hard to get up there and to hear that someone can just pay their way in is very heartbreaking." the students say even though it's unfair, it won't take away their determination. gabriel kuenzli/ dartmouth student "do the best that you can. try your best. in the end, you get more satisfaction for knowing that you actually earned it." kafui sakyi-addo/ bob jones senior "i think they are probably going to keep working hard and doing their best to get the highest score they can to go to the best school that they can." the principal tells waay 31 - she's confident the proctors who administer the tests at bob
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