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President Grounds All Boeing 737 Max 8 Airplanes

Boeing's impact on Alabama is significiant, especially in North Alabama, because 2700 Alabamians work for Boeing in aerospace and defense industries.

Posted: Mar. 13, 2019 6:38 PM
Updated: Mar. 13, 2019 6:38 PM

Speech to Text for President Grounds All Boeing 737 Max 8 Airplanes

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download on i- phone and android devices. tonight boeing says it supports the federal government's decision to ground its 737- max 8 planes. the president announced the decision hours ago.. this is just days after 157 people died on an ethipian airlines crash. the federal aviation administration says evidence collected today at the site of the crash ... along with satellite data, led to its decision. this issue is of big interest here in huntsville. boeing and north alabama have a long-standing relationship that many people depend on for their livelihoods. waay 31's greg privett explains why that connection is so important. <<nat of airliner taking off? > boeing is making news because two separate crashes . of two it's new highly- touted 737 max 8 planes. the latest crash sunday in ehiopia killed all 157 people on board. in october, another boeing 737 max 8 plunged into the sea and killed all189 people on lion air flight 610. there's a growing list countries grounding boeing's 737 max eights. the news has the world's attention. <soundbite > "if there is a problem with the aircraft, the world needs to know now." here at home . boeing has a significant alabama presence. already about 2700 people work for boeing in our state. the company said it expects to hire up to 400 more employees by next year. that along with an additional capital investment in alabama of 70 million dollars. in the tennessee valley, boeing's focus is mainly on aerospace and defense. in decatur . boeing helped get what is now united launch alliance up and running. boeing has a share in u-l-a and united space alliance. but, most of boeing's work is in huntsville and madison county. boeing is working on several military projects . notably the patriot advanced capability 3 missile seeker . among others. greg canfield, secretary of the alabama department of commerce underscores "boeing innovation in alabama is key to our nation's defense and space programs." standup- "when it comes to commercial aircraft . boeing has a relatively small footprint in alabama. here at redstone gateway . a team of about 250 engineers supports several commercial aircraft . including the 737 max 8. but, that's just one of 20 aircraft projects." boeing made its stake in alabama in 1962 because of the space program. that commitment remains strong. the most recent economic impact study shows it contributes more than two billion dollars a year to alabama's economy. and supports nearly 84- hundred direct and indirect jobs. the company spent an extra 749 million in alabama. that includes 532 million to suppliers. boeing gave nearly 1 point 7 million to non- profits. the company says "boeing is investing in the future of alabama as a center of innovation, continuing to bring highly-skilled jobs and growth to the region." longterm, boeing's commitment to alabama . and the state's faith in boeing remain strong. despite what many are hoping will be a short- term lack of confidence from travelers. "i would have tried to get on a different flight." besides boeing . its commercial aviation competitor airbus also has a presence in alabama. the airbus "final assembly plant"
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