Repair to Washed Out Roads to Cost Millions

Sierra Phillips reports on the damage to county road 17 and how much it will cost to repair.

Posted: Mar. 13, 2019 5:37 PM
Updated: Mar. 13, 2019 5:37 PM

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recent issues with boeing.. a wash-out in a jackson county road is growing by the day! take a look at the damage to county road 17 ... it's one of four top priorities for the county to fix after february's heavy rains. waay31s sierra phillips is live on county road 17 with an update on where we go from here. first-- i want you to take a look at just how bad this cave in has gotten. since i was here just a little over a week ago its fallen even more. you can see this split is up to my hips! i talked to a neighbor who says he's not going to test the road-- but he's seen plenty of drivers speed by. hamilton- "its too dangerous" ronald hamilton tells me in his 3 decades of living in larkinsville he's seen some pretty awful cracks in county road 17. but this one is too dangerous to risk. hamilton "they're taking a chance really.... the insurance ain't no good if you have a wreck" hamilton says he's ready to have access to this road again... hamilton - "its still dangerous ...its cracked under all of it" ....but emergency management officials say they've got a long way to go. as of wednesday --- they're finishing up damage reports to send to the state. if those reports meet a 7.2 million dollar minimum they qualify for federal assistance. so far--- jackson county has a 4 million dollar report, and that doesn't include every road that needs repairs, or the manpower and supplies that go along with it. hamilton "it could get worse" hamilton told me the price doesn't really surprise him -- and says it could get worse before it gets better. hamiton "especially with this rain coming in tonight or tomorrow" county engineering has a total of 30 days after a weather event to get the reports in. the state should head back here again-- but a day for that hasn't been set. in jackson county sierra phillips waay31 news.
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