Deer sampling for CWD

State officials are asking hunters for samples as they test more deer for chronic wasting disease near the shoals.

Posted: Jan. 11, 2019 6:42 PM
Updated: Jan. 11, 2019 6:42 PM

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state officials are asking hunters for samples as they test more deer for chronic wasting disease near the shoals. deer in tennessee and mississippi, which border the shoals, have tested positive for the contagious and deadly disease. waay31's breken terry joins us live to explain why the state is sampling more deer in the shoals i am here at florence frozen meats off south court street in florence and this is one of six sample station freezers set up in north alabamawhere hunters can drop off deer tissue to be tested for chronic wasting disease. chronic wasting disease has never been found in a human according to the centers for disease control but it does pose a potential threat if someone were to eat infected meat. wallace- if it's deer season i'm in the woods. jamie wallace is an avid deer hunter. he hunts deer not only in albama but in tenneessee, where some deer have tested postivie for chronic wasting disease. wallace- that's one of the biggest concerns. i mainly hunt in tennessee and it's really a concern where we hunt at as well. stand up bridge- the centers for disease control says hunters should wear laytex gloves when cutting open a deer to prevent exposure to chronic wasting disease. hudson- one thing that we're asking everyone to do even non hunters is to let us know if they see any sick deer or deer acting abnormally. alabama wildlife and freshwater fisheries officials tell us they have tested 8,000 deer in the state since 2002 and none of them have tested positive for the disease, but they are now increasing sampling of deer in the shoals. hudson- some of the cases in mississippi and tennessee have been less than 50 miles from our boarder and so were just increasing sampling efforts in those areas touching our sister states that have had a positive diagnosis. wallace tells us as a hunter he is worried the disease could spread into alabama deer. wallace- my current concerns are for further generations with the deer population dwindling down between now and when my kids get old enough to go hunting on their own. this saturday biologist with the alabama wildlife and freshwater fisheries division will be sampling deer brought to the waterloo volunteer fire station. they said it will take a few months to get the results back from the labs. they only need a small sample from a deer to test. live in lauderdale co breken terry waay31. waay 31 checked just before this show. 2 more cases of c-w-d were just confirmed in mississippi -- bringing the total there to 6. tennessee has confirmed 24 cases in 2 counties alone! c-w-d has been confirmed in 25 other
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