New Math Classes for Students

Alyssa Martin visited a class in the Madison City School System to show us the impact a new accelerated math program would have.

Posted: Jan. 10, 2019 6:57 PM
Updated: Jan. 10, 2019 6:57 PM

Speech to Text for New Math Classes for Students

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this school year - students who excel in math are being challenged more than ever before with a new program in madison city schools. district leaders have started a new accelerated math program for students learning at a fast pace. waay 31s alyssa martin visited a class to show us how it's making an impact. although this is the first year 5th graders can take accelerated math- all of the classes at the elementary schools are at full capacity. as one of the superintendent's initiatives- the goal is to challenge students. " its like, can we get onto negatives now? i might as well just stay at home and sleep ..." that's how fifth grader david tettey describes his learning in a traditional math class. but this year- its different for the mill creek elementary student. " its actually something that makes your brain work, in other classes, its like i know multiplication now, lets do something else." he's one of the students in the new accelerated math program and says after the first school semester- he can already tell a difference in how he is being challenged. " there is a lot of things that you can do to move at your own pace, and there is actually something to challenge you." the class is interactive, with students often working in groups. they still learn the fundamental 5th grade math then build off that. " the big difference i think is in this curriculum, promoting mathematical thinking, its not just the straight procedures, its the background on why you're doing that procedure, building that understanding." last year- district leaders traveled throughout the nation visiting schools with strong math programs. " we found really strong programs in virginia, new york, we did some visiting, we took some ideas from them and that's what we are trying to implement here." for parker- offering more advanced classes is part of having high expectations for all students...somet hing school leaders credits for the district recently receiving an a letter grade from the state dept of education...some thing only 6 districts statewide received. there are future plans to take accelerated math classes down to the third grade. reporting in madison am waay 31 news there is an application process to get into the class. the incentive for students is to better equip them to take even more challenging math courses once they get into
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