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Councilman's DUI Case Expunged

Sydney Martin reports on the Huntsville City Councilman who had his DUI expunged. She talked with local residents and a DUI lawyer to get their thoughts on the case.

Posted: Jan. 9, 2019 6:45 PM
Updated: Jan. 9, 2019 6:45 PM

Speech to Text for Councilman's DUI Case Expunged

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this expungement means. dan, alyssa--huntsvil le police were tight lipped after will culver was booked here in the madison county jail in late april--now that his case was legally erased-- his mugshot has been deleted from the jail's website and all documents surrounding it will never be released. rob hughes, lives in the area " i've had some stuff on my record and it didn't get expunged. it was minor stuff like that. why does he get it done because he's a councilman?" alexis heflin, lives in huntsville: i've had friends that got dui's in fact my son got one and they didn't do that to him." people in huntsville told me they wanted to know if councilman will culver got special treatment when his case was expunged. alexis heflin, lives in huntsville "it makes you think it's all about who you know." so we took their questions to a huntsville d-u-i attorney that's handled about 8 thousand d-u-i cases in the last two decades. russell crumbley, dui lawyer, "as it relates to him being a public figure, i 100% believe he did not get favorable treatment. our system here in huntsville does not work that way." crumbley told me he didn't know the specifics to culvers case--because he's not his attorney--however-he said culver's treatment was anything but special. crumbley "the treatment he got is very consistent for the treatment we got for thousands of people right here in this community." crumbley said expungements in alabama have only been around for about 4 years. crumbley "i have absolutely no idea about the timeline here but what i do know is your case has to be dismissed or you have to be found not guilty before you qualify for an expungement." crumbley also told us d-u-i cases can be dismissed if you qualify for a diversion program and complete it. but there is no way to know if culver completed one of those programs. now crumbley said court fees for a dui are typically about two thousand dollars. if you qualify for an expungement after your cases is dismissed, it will cost you about 400 dollars in court fees. and those costs are before you pay any attorneyfees. live in huntsville sydney martin waay 31 news.
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