Huntsville makes New York Times list

Huntsville is number twenty-two on the New York Times list of 52 places to visit in 2019

Posted: Jan. 9, 2019 6:44 PM
Updated: Jan. 9, 2019 6:44 PM

Speech to Text for Huntsville makes New York Times list

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new this evening.. new york city,munich, hong kong--and huntsville! just four places on the new york times list of places to visit in 20-19 and huntsville is number 22 on the list. waay 31's sydney martin talked to people in the area and learned more about the increased travelers the convention and visitors bureau expects to see this year. claudia pols "they scratch their head and say alabama? huh? claudia pols said that's what will probably go through many people's minds when they see huntsville on the new york time's list of 52 places to go to in 20-19. but people in huntsville told me they're proud the city is getting some recognition. claudia pols, lives in huntsville, "i think it's great. i think the city has been overlooked for a long time. i've been here 36 years now and the changes are amazing." brittney flanders, lives in huntsville, "people are coming in from birmingham, nashville. we are a hot place to be right now." the new york times said the 50th anniversary celebration of the apollo eleven lunar landing mission in july is something people should travel here to see...and the u.s. space and rocket center announced just last monththe iconic rocket along interstate 5 sixty 5 was being repainted just in time for the anniversary celebration. brittney flanders,lives in huntsville,"just coming and visiting the space and rocket center is super fun and totally should bring people from out of town." the huntsville convention and visitors bureau said there were about 3 point 2 million visitors to the area in 20-17...the numbers for 20-18 aren't in yet but the bureau expects for 20-19 to break the record. and pols told me she thinks people will see all the community has to offer if they choose to travel here. claudia pols "we've got the old historical district, the space and rocket, the tennessee river. what's not to like? syd, "20-19 also marks the state's bicentennial year and the convention and visitors bureau's president said she thinks once people come to visit the area they'll make a huntsville a return vacation destination. in hsv sm waay 31 news. the new york times also bragged on the festivities that will happen in our area in july including a street party in downtown huntsville, concerts and a parade to celebrate the apollo 11 lunarlanding. like sydney said -- huntsville came in at number 22.. here's a look at who's behind us! new york city was number 31. los angeles was 41. perth, australia is 43. and tropical tahiti barely made the list -- taking the last place at 52. not too shabby, huntsville...
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