Hepatitis A Outbreak Growing

WAAY 31's Sierra Phillips went to Jackson County to learn how Hepatitis A spreads and what the public can do to fight it.

Posted: Jan. 9, 2019 5:34 PM
Updated: Jan. 9, 2019 5:34 PM

Speech to Text for Hepatitis A Outbreak Growing

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spread. right now for this first time this section pharmacy is a giving out free hepatitis a vaccinations for adults who qualify --- this and 50 other vaccinations came here monday and within the same day multiple were administered massey "this is our community" derrell massey is a pharmacist here in section-- he told me there's a simple reason he wanted to get freedoses of the hepatitis a vaccine, for people who can't afford it. massey "these are our people... its us" and he says his community presents unique challenges massey "when we talk about jackson and dekalb county we talk about a rural area" the alabama department of public health says at-risk communities are the homeless, illegal drug users, and same-sex partners.--- but massey says anyone could be at risk, if they eat out. massey "probably the biggest concern would be restaurants" if an infected restaurant employee doesn't wash their hands, the virus can contaminate food.and the illness is hard to differentiate from others massey "it looks like the flu, it hits like the flu, but you get this area hurting" for those who do experience symptoms massey says he's here to help. massey "its very simple its the price we pay to occupy the state in this community" the department of health did say there is a risk of spread to nearby counties but they havent seen any cases yet in section, sp
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