Flu is widespread in Alabama

Flu activity is widespread in Alabama and is expected to get worse in the coming weeks

Posted: Jan. 8, 2019 6:31 PM
Updated: Jan. 8, 2019 6:31 PM

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will be ok. new details. you're looking at a map of flu activity across the country.... here in alabama, activity is classified as widespread. and it's expected to get worse in the coming weeks. we sent waay 31's rodneya ross to find out what you need to know during the peak of flu season. flu season is expected to peak here in january. now there are a few things you can do to protect yourself. you can wash your hands often..if you don't have access to a sink, use hand sanitizer. you can also use a mask to help protect yourself from getting germs from others. and then you can also get a flu shot which doctors say it's not too late to do. abernathy "it's hitting big now. people are really starting now that school's come back after christmas. a lot more people are being exposed to the germs and they are sharing the love with their family." lora abernathy is a nurse practitioner at alabama care first. while the urgent care was slow during my visit, abernathy expects things to pick up since we're now in peak flu season.she said new reports show the flu shot is the most effective way to fight the flu. "they have used the mist this year. it is for kids but different reports are coming out that it is not as effective as the shot. you need the shot." abernathy told me it's not too late for people to get the flu shot. this year, the vaccine is expected to be more effective than last season because the shot this year covers the strain currently going around. "we're seeing a lot of h1n1 this year so far and that is one that's covered by the flu vaccine. but the vaccine covers for others too and it will help even if you get the flu it won't be as severe as if you didn't." abernathy said it's especially important for kids to get the shot because the flu can be deadly for them. i talked to one man who told me he and his wife got the shot along with their one-year-old twins. biesanz "the more people that get vaccinated the better off everybody is." ll: doctors tell me people with chronic illnesses like asthma or diabetes have a harder time fighting the flu if they get it so they really should consider getting a shot if they haven't already done so. in hsv, rr, waay 31 news. waay 31 asked abernathy about the new drug -- xofluza and whether it has been effective this season. she told us her office hasn't had to prescribe it yet so she doesn't know firsthand, but she has heard
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