Security Officer Talks about Shooting at Club 3208

A private security officer talks about how she helped save patrons of Club 3208 from a gunman with an AK47, which led to his arrest.

Posted: Jan 3, 2019 7:03 PM
Updated: Jan 3, 2019 7:03 PM

Speech to Text for Security Officer Talks about Shooting at Club 3208

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during the morning rush. thanks for joining us this evening. i'm dan shaffer. also new at 6... tonight--the private security officer - called a hero by huntsville police - shared her story with waay 31 after she stopped a man from entering a huntsville nightclub with an a-k-47. as he tried to go towards the door where you can see the black chair is right now that's when i had to put him down." the security officer is talking about the man on your screen, samuel williams. she shot at him twice - hitting him in the leg. he's now facing multiple charges including possession of a firearm by a felon. waay 31's sydney martin learned more about the incident and how the security officer saved those in the club from getting hurt. latoya didn't want to share her last name for safety reasons--but explained when williamswas removed from the nightclub he went to a car in the parking lot and retrieved an ak-47 and started shooting. "he started to make moves towards the door he still was firing off shots. i decided that i had to make a choice--to go ahead and stop him from entering the club." latoya said she was the only armed security guard at the club and knew she had to take action. "i was behind a vehicle right here at this first handicap parking spot and basically just maneuveredaround the vehicle as he maneuvered around the other side of it to make sure i was properly concealed and covered." that's when she shot at williams hitting him at least once...and then worked to make sure he was okay. "i'm not here to kill anyone. i saw one of the entry wounds was on his thigh which can sometimes be a somewhat dangerous place to bleed out. i keep a trauma kit and tourniquet on me as everyone who carries should." williams got into a car and was taken to the hospital before she was able to render him aid and that's where police caught up with him and placed him under arrest. "thankfully, he is still alive today. and one day he is going to have the opportunity to.. make better choices." latoya said she hopes this shooting doesn't stop people from coming to the nightclub. latoya, security toguard, "i'm just glad no one else was hurt. that's all i care about." "i would appreciate it if no one would hold this against us." "huntsville police said williams is out of jail on bond as for other people involved in the altercation at this club...huntsville police said they could face charges in the near future. in hsv sm waay 31 news." "latoya" told us she is a independent security officer certified through the state. she told us she has been an armed security officer for about 2 years - and has worked at multiple clubs in the area.
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