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Fighting Textile Waste

Recycling clothing like socks can help keep them out of landfills.

Posted: Sep 26, 2018 6:39 PM
Updated: Sep 26, 2018 6:39 PM

Speech to Text for Fighting Textile Waste

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new at 6... there is a massive recycling problem of one specific item in america... and it is often overlooked. but waay-31's bill young discovered a north alabama company raising awareness about the problem and helping fight it. it is something you don't often think about...could hit you right in the wallet. the warehouse and showroom of zkano socks in fort payne is stocked floor to ceiling with fancy, trendy socks. but today it is the old, used socks getting the attention. a few years ago we launched zkano is nothing fancy. people send us their old socks they're going to put in a landfill, but instead they send them here and we'll have them recycled. maybe you never even heard of textile waste...but it makes up to six percent of everything put in landfill. 6% may not sound like much but it's billions of pounds of which otherwise could be reused. jackie king is the executive director of smart - secondary materials and recycles textiles association. the goal of the maryland-based organization is to raise of awareness of textile waste. the unfortunately thing is 95% of that material could be reused or recycled. let me show you how much money it costs you.; the waste business journal estimates each ton of solid waste in the southeast costs roughly $41 dollars to put in a landfill. the environmental protection agency nearly 93 billion pounds a year. if you do the math, that's 5.6 billion pounds. times $41 $228 billion dollars of taxpayer money a year...just in textile waste! that is a huge cost. communities, cities, towns, states, looking are what we are going to do as our waste piles up - glass, paper, plastic the next big component is textile waste. locklear is doing her part. she walked me through what happens when people ship their socks to her...from as far away as new york and california. once we receive them we put them in our recycling bin. once full, they're shredded and turned into carpet padding for the auto industry. so, in theory, this could end up in your car. in fort payne, bill young, waay 31 news. if you're interested in sending your old socks to zkano for recycling, we have a link to their website online. just click on this story at waay-tv dot com. lockleer asks you to wash the socks first, and only ship socks - no
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