Man charged in Guntersville murders has extensive criminal past

Man charged in Guntersville murders has extensive criminal past.

Posted: Jul 18, 2018 6:42 PM
Updated: Jul 18, 2018 6:42 PM

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we're learning more tonight about the criminal history of the man accused of killing 3 people in guntersville and how one district attorney fought to keep him in prison. jimmy o'neil spencer now is charged with 4 counts of capital murder. he's accused of killing marie martin and her great- grandson, 7-year old colton lee - and a neighbor, martha reliford thanks for watching this evening i'm dan shaffer and im demetria mcclenton we're now learning he was paroled in january after he was sentenced to life in prison for his crimes in franklin county. waay31's breken terry joins us live from franklin county where spencer is originally from with a look at his past i am here outside of the franklin county courthouse and in my hand is a letter sent to the alabama parole board from franklin county district attorney joey rushing. it lists jimmy spencer's long wrap sheet-- and in it, rushing and spencer's victim's here in franklin county begged the parole board to keep him in prison. it enrages me that he was out. in 2013, franklin county district attorney joey rushing fought to keep jimmy spencer in prison. spencer has a wrap sheet dating back to 1983 for third degree burglary in franklin county. rushing said spencer violated his parole and received a life sentence on a separate burglary conviction from 1990. rushing- the case that actually sent him to prison from here he recieved a life sentence on a burglary charge for actually trying to go into an occupied residence and the only way they could get him to stop breaking in was to shoot him. rushing said prison time for spencer did not stop his violent behavior. rushing- there was also a lot of violence on his assault down in prison as well as his escape from prison. it's my understanding from the deputies that worked that who contacted me yesterday and said he made it known at that time that he maybe attempted to come back to franklin county and take revenge on the people who sent him to prison. rushing said in his mind there is no doubt spencer is a violent man-- but despite his wrap sheet,he was paroled in january 2018. rushing- in my letter i even reffered to him as the type of person that doesn't need parole because i would think of him as a violent person and somebody who has a number of prior felonies that would not be a good risk to let out on the parole system. rushing tells us he was upset on tuesday when he found out spencer was arrested for killing three people on mulberry street in guntersville. rushing- the name immedailty struck a chord. i was like i wrote a letter on him and he shouldn't have been out. i was mad all over again that a small child is a victim of somebody who should still be in prison and still serving his life sentence. rushing tells me if anything could be learned from this it's that violent people such as jimmy spencer should not be let out of prison. rushing said he hopes the alabama parole board will look more closely at who they are letting back into our communities.
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