The Healthy WAAY: A New Kind Of Heart Valve

There's a new type of biological heart valve that lasts longer and involves less complications, making them ideal for young patients

Posted: Thu Mar 08 10:21:06 PST 2018
Updated: Thu Mar 08 10:21:06 PST 2018

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a heart valve replacement involves swapping a damaged valve with an artificial one. there are two kinds of artificial valves and until now, younger patients were only able to get one type. but a new, state-of- the art valve is changing the game. martie salt reports. carrie hughes was born with a heart valve defect, but she didn't know it until symptoms popped up a couple of years ago. cg carrie hughes in: :08 out: :13 "i started having shortness of breath, a hard time getting around." vo/narration...... this active mom of three also battled limb numbness and extreme fatigue. carrie hughes in: :18 out: :21 "it took everything i had to kind of get up and go and start the day." vo/narration...... graphic: in: :35 out: :39 she needed a heart valve replacement. in the past, doctors only offered young patients like carrie a mechanical valve because it lasts the longest. the downside: she'd have to take blood thinners for the rest of her life. these meds can cause serious dangers such as bleeding, drug interactions, and more. nat sound vo/narration...... but doctors at the cleveland clinic are using a new type of biological valve that could last longer and be an option for young patients. cg lars svensson, md, phd chairman, heart & vascular lets get a
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