How Government Spending Bill Impacts Huntsville

If the budget bill passed isn't signed immediately by the president, Redstone Arsenal would go into an "orderly shutdown."

Posted: Fri Feb 09 05:46:37 PST 2018
Updated: Fri Feb 09 05:46:37 PST 2018

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and with the government moving to open back up with the house vote, we're looking at how the spending bill would impact us locally. waay 31's will robinson-smith is live at the redstone arsenal. will, what are folks there watching for? well before arsenal leaders here can start looking at the funds that would be put toward defense, the government still has to officially open, which means waiting for the president's signature.orderly shutdown. as we mentioned at five, the gates are open here and everyone will come into work as normal today. however, as time goes by without a signature from the president, workers here will go into what's called an "orderly shutdown." i just spoke with chris colster with the public affairs office who tells me that an orderly shutdown means once workers come in, a four-hour timer starts. if it comes to the end of that window and we don't have the bill passed, then that worker needs to finish what she or he is doing and essentially pack up until the shutdown is officially over. now assuming we do get a signature before that needs to happen, 165 billion dollars will go toward defense spending over the next two years. reporting live at the arsenal, will robinson-smith, waay 31 news.
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