Woman calls 911 after witnessing a man get hit by two vehicles

People who live along Winchester road said they've witnessed accidents on the street on a weekly basis.

Posted: Jul 7, 2018 7:23 PM

Right now a man is still in critical condition after two vehicles hit him. It happened on Winchester Road in the Northwest part of Huntsville.

This accident is highly unusual. However, people who live nearby say speeding is something they see all the time.
Neighbors told WAAY 31 they're ready to see changes on Winchester to prevent speeding.

"The first thing I think is why is it backing out? in the middle of the street and the door is open and there's no one in it?" said Jennifer Garrett.

Jennifer Garrett was driving on Winchester road Friday evening and said she was confused when she saw a car roll backward into the street. As she got closer, that confusion turned to fear.

"As soon as it hits to the median and middle lane, that's when I notice the guy on the ground. He wasn't moving and the car was steadily going across Winchester," Garrett said.

Huntsville Police told WAAY 31 the man's car was out of gas. He tried to push it uphill on a driveway while someone else steered. As he pushed, the man lost his grip on the car which then rolled over him, then it went into Winchester road.

Huntsville Police didn't confirm the age of the person steering the wheel. However, Garrett said she clearly saw a child's face.

"I don't really know who it was but this little kid about 8 or 9 years old just waving his hands and screaming to stop. He was just...I can't describe how," Garrett said.

The accident didn't stop there. As the runaway car rolled over the man, a van sideswiped the back bumper. Police are still investigating what happened next. As it happened in front of her, Garrett called 911.

"I can't get out and stop traffic from both sides of the hill you can't see. You want to do more but you can't," Garrett said.

The flashing signal is supposed to warn drivers if another vehicle is coming down the hill. But the system is inexact if there's speeding involved.

"The car on that side, there's no one way anyone coming over the heel to had seen the guy or the vehicle backing out because it's on his side of the road. The vehicle was on his side, so that signal, no one would have even been warned on it," Garrett said.

Jennifer Garrett believes if there was a way to slow down speeding drivers on Winchester, there would be fewer wrecks.

"You have to put power to get up the hill. Once you're at the top, they're prob doing 50/55. You'll see them constantly breaking because they're literally literally going that faster over the speed limit," Garrett said.

People who live along Winchester road said they've witnessed accidents on the street on a weekly basis.

Huntsville Police are continuing to investigate this. We'll bring you information as it comes our way.

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