Weekend storm creates potential for falling trees

An arborist told WAAY 31 recent rain could have damaged tree roots, which makes them susceptible to being blown over.

Posted: Apr 12, 2019 10:57 PM

An arborist, or tree expert, told WAAY 31 the significant amount of rain we've had recently could have damaged tree roots. That means there is an increased risk of trees falling because of the storm heading our way this weekend.

The arborist, Cory Brown, told WAAY 31 some warning signs of a tree having damaged roots is when you can see leaning and when the roots starting to lift up from the ground.

The Andriulli family lives in Huntsville. They just had a tree removed from their backyard. It was not dead. They just want to build a garage, but they're liking their decision more and more knowing strong winds could be coming our way, "We're glad to have it out of here after the saturated ground and what not. Especially with the storms that are coming," said Morgan Andriulli.

Brown is an arborist in Madison County and he knows how to spot hazardous trees. He said another way to spot a tree with damaged roots is took for something he calls a stag headed tree, "Trees like this, which is not flushing will have maybe a dead zone, or it will have dead branches that don't leaf out like a normal plant," said Brown.

Brown said in the last 7-10 days trees in the area produced leaves for spring, which raised the risk of trees falling during a storm, "Once you get the leaves on and it catching the wind and the sail effect you've got a lot more leverage on that tree and it's easier to lay over," said Brown.

On top of the danger of a tree falling on your house, the Andriulli family said the extra headache of dealing with insurance companies comes along with it, "We had two trees that fell on two separate properties and the properties had track record of other trees falling on the property. We were considered high risk," said Andriulli.

They were dropped from their homeowner's insurance and had to get more expensive insurance from out of state. Since then, the health of the trees around their home is very important to them, "We pay like acute attention to that," said Andriulli.

It is very late notice to try and get your tree removed before the storm. If you cant, the Brown said to at least make sure any broken branches are taken down.

If you have a leaning tree close to a bedroom it would be a good idea to sleep in a different room during the storm, because it's expected to blow through during the middle of the night.

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