Flooding in Arab leads to home, vehicle damage

Flooding in Arab wiped out some roads and bridges, as well as some homes.

Posted: Oct 7, 2021 6:29 PM
Updated: Oct 7, 2021 6:53 PM

Flooding in Arab wiped out roads and bridges in the area, but it also damaged some homes as well. 

WAAY 31 spoke with a flood victim who will now have to make repairs to his house. Wednesday night's flooding destroyed everything in its path, like the bricks and siding of Clayton Landers' home. He said it started off as just a few inches of water in the basement, but it quickly escalated.

Aftermath of Wednesday night's flooding in Arab

Clayton Landers shows flooding in Arab on Wednesday night

Clayton Landers' truck was swept away by flooding in Arab

“About 10, 15, 20, 30 minutes later, it was completely — the garage was completely engulfed in water, and there wasn’t much anybody could do about it," he said.

Landers was, fortunately, the only one home that night. He said the flooding happened so quickly, but his mind was focused on two things.

“The thoughts are, ‘Get out,’ you know, ‘Get away," said Landers.

He said he tried getting away but soon realized something was missing.

“I came out of the house thinking I was going to get in my truck and pull off, and the water was already sweeping my truck away," he said. "It picked it up and slammed it against the garage. I actually felt it hit the garage. It’s something you don’t see, it’s so unreal. When you see a truck, you know, a 1-ton truck just float away."

All Landers and his wife can do now is literally pick up the pieces of their house.

"You never want to see anything catastrophic happen to you," Landers said. "It’s an unimaginable event."

He told WAAY 31 that they've lived in the house for only three months. Flooding is something they never expected to happen when they made the move. According to his neighbors, it's never happened to this extent before.

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