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Want better sleep? These tech devices want to help you catch some Zs

These devices on display at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas are aimed at helping you sleep better.

Posted: Jan. 11, 2018 1:08 PM

Technology is coming a long way to help make us healthier and happier. At CES 2018 the Health and Wellness Pavilion companies are introducing hundreds of new products to help us improve our sleep.

Sleepace is one of those companies expanding its line of products to turn any bedroom into a smart bedroom. The maker of smart alarm clocks and sleep monitors is now introducing a smart pillow and smart mattress.

The two products not only monitor how you’re sleeping, but communicate with other devices in the bedroom and home.

“The sleep monitor can track heartbeats, breath, body movements and so on, and you can use these parameters to analyze your sleep pattern,” said CEO David Huang. “It will monitor your sleep pattern then adjust the air conditioner, adjust the humidifier and also the aroma and the lights at the right time.”

The Sleepace Nox alarm clock has been one of my favorite gadgets over the past few years. It monitors your breathing pattern to determine when you’re at your lightest sleep. When your alarm time approaches the Nox gently brightens the room a calming color and rather than the alarm suddenly going off at full volume, sounds of chirping birds slowly get louder so as it brings
you into the morning gently.

The Cocoon Cam Clarity is a baby monitor that does not require a wearable device to track a baby’s sleep pattern and breathing. It attaches to a crib and looks over the child with an HD camera and microphone. Parents can monitor the baby’s breathing from a smartphone app and will be notified if the baby is awake or if their breathing is abnormal.

Babies aren’t the only ones who like to be rocked to sleep. Mark Russell invented the “Rocking Bed” after returning from a cruise where he says he got the best sleep of his life.

The Rocking Bed sways back and forth to give the sleeper a gentle rocking as if they’re on a boat.

“You don’t have to replace your frame. Basically you switch out your box spring,” explained Russell. “It’s motorized, it’s going to have a timer on it.”

Once the timer goes off the bed stops rocking and locks so it doesn’t start moving again during the night. The Rocking Bed is in its 10th prototype, said Russell, and he hopes to bring it to market within the next year or two.

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