Two Lawrence County towns received the wrong electric bills

People in the towns of Courtland and North Courtland in Lawrence County are giving their electric bills a closer look after the wrong bills were sent customers of Courtland Utilities. WAAY31 spoke to customers Friday about the mix-up and found out what's being done to prevent this from happening again in the future

Posted: Aug 3, 2018 6:07 PM

Courtland Utilities confirmed that the printing company they use sent the wrong bills to customers this month.

"The bill ain't but 81 dollars, I thought wow that's good," Lee Langham.

Lee Langham lives in North Courtland and has served on the town council for 2 years. Langham said when he got his electricity bill this month, at first he was excited until he realized the bill had someone else's name on it.

"Sure enough, when you open it up you can see who the bill actually belongs to."

He's not alone. Customers in both North Courtland and Courtland all received the wrong bill this month due a mix-up with the printing company used by Courtland Utilities.

Brenda Hampton received the wrong bill as well and told WAAY some people she talked to received bills a lot higher than usual.

"They had a 4,668 dollar utility bill, I had another to call me that had a 1,008 dollar utility bill," Hampton said.

Courtland Utilities told WAAY they've issued correct bills to customers and they don't believe anyone has paid for an incorrect bill. Langham is still worried about customer privacy.

"No one else needs to know my expenses for the light bill unless I tell them," Langham said.

Langham told WAAY he plans on bringing the issue up at the next North Courtland council meeting on August 14 to make sure this doesn't happen again.

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