Students in North Alabama are stealing and damaging school property because of a TikTok trend

"Devious Licks" trend on TikTok encourages students to steal or damage school property

Students are recording themselves stealing or damaging school property in an attempt to go viral on TikTok.

Posted: Sep 16, 2021 9:02 PM

A new social media challenge is going around that could get students in trouble with the law.

Decatur City Schools sent out a warning letter letting parents know about the social media challenge on TikTok called, "Devious Licks." The challenge encourages students to video themselves stealing or destroying school property, all in an attempt to go viral. 

A spokesman for Decatur City Schools told WAAY 31 that every secondary school in the district has been impacted by the challenge. They won't say the extent of the damage.

Decatur City Schools is not the only one in North Alabama falling victim to the challenge. 

“Over the weekend it’s popped up in multiple areas, different places from city parks to other schools to where this TikTok trend is about stealing mostly meaningless things," said Mike Swafford with the Morgan County Sheriff's Office.

Swafford told WAAY 31 Thursday afternoon that he's aware of at least six instances of the challenge. 

In fact, he said he caught teenage boys taking part in the act on Friday.

"They were just caught, red-handed I guess, but they were actually just dispensing the soap and putting it on their buddy’s car handles and their own car handle," he explained. "The whole thing is just bizarre.”

Depending on what's stolen or damaged, students could face expulsion or worse, criminal charges. 

Peyton Smith is now a college student, but he worries about the consequences for younger people.

“It could really mess a kid’s life up especially if you’re like 18 and a senior, and you do something like that," said Smith. "I mean, it could mess up scholarships or anything like that.”

Posts on social media don't go away. Even if an account is private, you could still be incriminating yourself if you take part in the challenge. 

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