State finds Shoals area gas station is not in full compliance after water found in gas

If you get bad gas you can report it to Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries Division of Weights and Measures.

Posted: Nov 20, 2019 5:58 PM
Updated: Nov 20, 2019 9:36 PM

A woman in the Shoals claims she got bad gas from a gas station and it caused more than $500 in damage to her car.

Jada Carroll said she was almost on empty last week while driving to work from Rogersville to Florence and stopped in at the CenterStar Market.

She said she got $10 in gas and by the time she made it to Florence her check engine light came on and the car just stopped.

"Immediately I thought something is wrong with my car it has to be the gas because I just got gas and it's a new car and I've never had any problems out of it," said Carroll.

Carroll then had to get a tow truck to haul her car away and showed us the paperwork where mechanics found water in her gas tank.

Carroll read the statement from the mechanics, which said, "pulled fuel sample and found contaminate in fuel."

The total damage came to $532. Carroll herself works at a gas station and called the owner of Centerstar Market, Tony Singh.

"I said is it possible there may be water in your gas? and he said no no. There is no water in my gas come check it," said Carroll as she described a conversation she had with Singh.

Carroll went to the gas station and with Singh beside her they checked the gas in the underground tank. She shot video of them checking the gas. They used a paste called Gasoila - if the gas is watered down the paste turns a bright color and that's what the video shows.

"I quit recording and he kept telling me you need to leave," said Carroll.

WAAY31 went to Singh and asked about the gas. He told us he did have a gas problem where a pump broke and water leaked into an underground tank around Nov. 1.

He called his gas supplier and they immediately came out and removed the bad gas and cleaned all the pumps.

He said everything was fixed and he had some people claim they, too, got bad gas. He said he paid people for the damage to their cars if they could produce correct documents.

"I've only had six or seven come in with paperwork and I paid them already," said Singh.

Singh did let us look at some documents and receipts where he said he paid to have some people's cars fixed. While we were at the gas station the state came out and checked the pumps.

Singh showed us the documents where it says there was no water in his regular gas pumps, but the paperwork did say the gas station is not in full compliance because some water was found in the diesel tank.

No one can use the diesel pump now and he has 30 days to fix it.

Singh said he felt like people are tying to get money off him because he did pay some people with damaged cars. He said he feels like others are tying to ruin his business. He said he's done everything right and fixed any problems.

As for Carroll she said she just doesn't want this to happen to someone else. She paid to have her car fixed out of pocket.

If you think you've got bad gas at a gas station you can call the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries Division of Weights and Measures. That department tests gas and takes complaints.

You can email in a complaint to or call at 334-240-7133.

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