Snow growing increasing likely for next week, dangerous cold to follow

Unlike with previous storms, the potential for snow is increasing for Tuesday of next week. The potential for dangerous levels of cold is also increasing.

Posted: Jan 25, 2019 3:33 PM
Updated: Jan 25, 2019 10:27 PM

The weather talk of the town has been the chance for snow next week. Snow is part one of a two part weather discussion for our Friday. Part two of our discussion is the bitter, dangerous cold that will follow the snow into the Tennessee Valley next week.

The snow is what's causing the biggest excitement, though some people are less excited about it. Like it or not, the odds are increasing of significant snow all across the Tennessee Valley on Tuesday. After a chilly weekend, the approaching storm system will draw some warmth northward into the Tennessee Valley on Monday. Coming out of a chilly weekend, the highs on Monday will be in the 50s.

Timing may vary by Tuesday, but so far we've seen a fair amount of consistency among our data. Right now, we expect that rain will increase Monday evening after 6 PM. The rain's arrival will coincide with the arrival of some intense cold. Rain will change to snow after midnight Monday night and fall throughout much of Tuesday. Areas west of I-65 could see the snow end by around midday Tuesday. Areas east of I-65 will see the snow fade to an end between noon and 5 PM.

While snow amounts may vary, we see indications of UP TO 4 inches. That doesn't mean we will all get 4 inches of snow by any means. Even if 4 inches of snow falls, the first half of it will likely melt. While these forecast snow amounts will likely ease back over time, the point is clear: we are likely looking at significant snowfall on Tuesday across the Tennessee Valley. Rain and melted snow early can freeze on roads and sidewalks. Snow accumulation on top of ice makes travel conditions especially dangerous.

Another point worth making is that with previous storms, our data gradually lost the snow. With this next storm, our data are gradually showing stronger signs of snow. Our previous storm systems that have brought a small hint of snow potential have been Pacific storms, which are warm and wet. They can draw colder air southward as they move on. This storm will originate in Canada. It will bring its moisture and cold with it, which will make a huge difference.

Speaking of cold.... the cold that arrives with this the passage of this Canadian storm system will become dangerous. Tuesday's high near freezing will likely occur before sunrise. Temperatures will drop steadily through the 20s during the day. Wednesday and Thursday likely will not warm above freezing at all. Lows can drop into the teens and even single digits by Thursday morning.

Remember as this intense cold approaches.... several warm layers of clothing will keep you warm more effectively than a single heavy coat. That is especially true if you will be spending long periods of time outside. Wear a water-resistent outer layer. Water uses your body heat to evaporate off of you, so staying dry is important. Outdoor pets need to be brought indoors for warmth. Large animals that cannot be brought indoors will need a way to stay warm, and they will need water that isn't frozen. Be especially cautious with space heaters! Don't forget to drip your faucets to prevent pipes from freezing.

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