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Small voter turnout for Morgan Co. and Limestone Co. special elections

Morgan County Probate Judge Greg Cain said he only predicts 8% of the county will head to the polls.

Posted: May 15, 2018 7:00 PM
Updated: May 15, 2018 7:23 PM

Voters in Limestone and Morgan County are casting their ballot for the Alabama House of Representatives District 4 seat.

The three candidates are Republican Parker Moore, Democrat Juanita Healy and Independent Polan "Pete" Willis.

The seat was left vacant when former representative Micky Hammon pleaded guilty to mail fraud last year.

Morgan County Probate Judge Greg Cain said he only predicts 8% of the county will head to the polls. He believes the small turn out is because many people just aren't interested in this election.

"I knew about it. I tried to vote on every elections regardless of how far down the chain it is," said Roger Blansfield

Many people in Morgan County tell me every election matters. But for others, the special election completely slipped their minds.

"I knew about it but frankly, I had forgotten. I've been recovering from two surgeries and I was looking at getting an absentee ballot. Then we discovered it was today. This is my first time in the public in four months," said Jo-amrah Dillingham.

"Oh no, my wife makes sure I understand and know about it. She brought me over here," said Tom Moss.

Voters who WAAY 31 spoke with didn't want to said who they are voting for but they believe the person they selected will listen and address the community's concerns. They told me they did their research on each candidate's experience and platform.

"This particular election, the candidate that I voted for physically came by and talked to me at the house. I was actually walking around instead of expecting me to come to a rally or something where they want to get money," Blansfield said.

"I came out here to support the Republican Party. I'm looking for someone who is voting for my values and what I want in the United States. And how to make America beautiful again and wonderful," Moss said.

According to their campaign websites, all the candidates want to enhance the education system, better train students for the workforce, and improve health care. Regardless, voters who care about this election said they wish it were advertised a bit more.

"I think it was really confusing. I don't think the advertising of letting folks know are so accustomed to massive advertising. That all they see are the build boards and a few things that are on TV. It doesn't truly register," Dillingham said.

Polls are open until 7 p.m. The primary election is June 5th and the deadline for registering is May 21st.

Today's special election will cost somewhere between $500,000 and a million dollars.

The law currently states there will be a special election to fill a vacancy whenever the Governor decides. The primaries were held last December during the Roy Moore Doug Jones vote. Both went to runoffs and that’s why the election is today.

Some voters aren't worried about the special elections being a waste of money because whoever wins will have some responsibilities even if he or she never vote on an actual bill.

The Secretary of State told me, the state representative is still needed to help constituents and attend committee meetings until the winner of november’s election takes office. 

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