Road closed for repairs due to weather, high traffic in Limestone Co.

WAAY 31 talked to people who live nearby and travel the road frequently and learned how the roadwork will impact their commutes.

Posted: Nov 15, 2018 6:54 PM
Updated: Nov 16, 2018 4:55 PM

A well-traveled road in Limestone County is closed for repairs.

A large portion of Gray road, near Newby Road in Tanner, will be closed Thursday and Friday, and again early next week, as crews work to restructure and repave the failing road.

WAAY 31 talked to people who live nearby and travel the road frequently and learned how the roadwork will impact their commutes.

“I feel like the roads have degraded quickly," said Brandon Eubanks. "We’ve only lived here for about a year and the roads have changed dramatically just in that amount of time.”

Brandon Eubanks takes Gray Road to work every day, and when he’s not on his way to work, he’s riding his bike on the same road--a road he says has been in poor condition for a while now.

“The road had just gotten so rough that I was almost having to ride towards the middle of the road, just to dodge the potholes," Eubanks said. "And just the way the road is so rough, it almost rattled you off the road.”

While Eubanks was hoping the road would be improved, he was still surprised when he saw road block signs on his commute Thursday morning.

“I’m glad they’re doing the work, but when a project starts and it goes on and on, you just never know what to expect," he said.

According to the commissioner for the district, Steve Turner, the road is having to be improved after a combination of bad weather and a steady flow of big trucks carrying heavy loads caused the road to fail.

But Turner says one of the companies partly responsible for the wear and tear on the road is pitching in to help get it fixed.

“Rogers Group has promised me in the past that they want to be a great community partner, and they’re proving that today by donating all the stone it’s going to take to make the repairs," Turner said.

“Seeing how many trucks there are on the road and knowing that they’re constantly on it, I am glad to hear that they’re pitching in," Eubanks said. "The quarry is just right over there, so that’s perfect. At least they don’t have a long way to drive to get the rocks in.”

Commissioner Turner told said that Gray Road is often traveled by contractors taking truckloads over to the Mazda-Toyota site.

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