Redstone Arsenal trains for active shooter situation

Police and the fire department at Redstone Arsenal must work together in order to save more lives in case of an active shooter situation.

Posted: May 24, 2019 5:20 PM
Updated: May 24, 2019 7:24 PM

Redstone Arsenal is preparing for the worst, an active shooter on their campus.

It's a situation that can happen any time and anywhere, even at a place with tight security like Redstone Arsenal. In fact, they did have an active shooter scare back in 2017. That's why first responders say they need to be prepared for the real thing.

"That was the first time the fire department deployed these kinds of resources, so we were able to take a lot of lessons learned from that and apply those to the training we're doing today," Deputy Fire Chief Robert Simmons said.

The police department on Redstone Arsenal monitors for threats every single day. Just in case those threats become reality, first responders want to be prepared.

"It's vital that we work together. If we don't work together, then we aren't going to be able to do what we're supposed to do and that's save lives," Captain Sean Lulofs said.

During the training, police were able to use their guns to shoot at targets. They would then reach an area where firefighters would come in to help a person who was injured.

Previously, both departments would work separately, where police would first secure the area and firefighters would then come in to administer first aid. However, past mass shootings have shown they needed to work together to help save more lives.

"It's not an individual law enforcement problem or a fire department problem. It is a team effort, and it is a problem that every emergency responder has to be prepared to deal with," Chief Simmons said.

After Friday's training, they say they're ready.

"Redstone Arsenal without a doubt will be able to respond to such an incident if it were to occur," Captain Lulofs said.

Even though training is only a yearly requirement, Redstone Fire and Police try to train together at least twice a year.

Friday's training focused specifically on Redstone Arsenal, but the fire department has an agreement to help out other departments in the area when needed.

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