Public weighs in on important developments involving Redstone Arsenal

A joint land use study is happening right now to help guide developments on Redstone Arsenal and the surrounding areas.

Posted: Aug 21, 2018 11:56 PM

The Joint Land Use Study meeting at the Madison City Hall was the second of three public meetings.

It is a study to help plan out future developments involving Redstone Arsenal and the surrounding areas.

Tuesday night there were twenty five topics for people to weigh in on that were picked through public input during the first meeting.

People at the meeting ranked the topics on a five point scale from very important to not at all, but some issues people at the meeting cared about weren't there.

"The topics I wanted to talk about really aren't on the board tonight," said George Hamilton.

Hamilton lives in Huntsville, works on the arsenal, and is an avid cyclist. His concerns about development revolve around bike access on the arsenal. Even though it's not on the wall they're still taking suggestions and comments about it.

"That's the good news I suppose. I think the things about vibrations and noise and I'm thinking 'where did that come from?' but I don't live near here, so maybe it's a big deal," said Hamilton.

Of the twenty five topics on the board water contamination by the Arsenal and traffic congestion caused by the arsenal employees are far and away the two many people care the most about.

While this meeting is about what matters to the people the arsenal also has a stake in the meeting, because it could eventually dictate how they develop.

"Number one is safety and security. We always want to keep our workforce and the community safe and secure. Beyond that we're always looking at ways to improve our traffic and noise problems. Things like that," said Redstone Arsenal Garrison Spokesman Chris Colster.

The data gathered tonight will help formulate a plan for the future.

"We all want to be good neighbors, so that's a reasonable thing to do, so I understand about the noise and the vibration. Even if you live down town you hear the explosions from time to time. So yeah, it's a good plan," said Hamilton.

The Joint land Use Study will create a report in the coming weeks which will be open to the public for one last round of comments.

Then a final report will then come out and be presented to the arsenal and the surrounding governments.

On the local government side the report might end up guiding how certain parts of the city are zoned, but it's still way too early to tell exactly how it will impact the community.

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