Parts of Lincoln County, Tenn., underwater from Elk River flooding

The Elk River is reaching it's highest point tonight, which is 8 feet above average because of flood waters!

Posted: Feb 6, 2020 8:17 PM
Updated: Feb 6, 2020 8:26 PM

Don Davidson Park in Fayetteville, Tennessee, is submerged after heavy rains brought several feet of water to the area.

Fayetteville sits on the Elk River and it's seeing major flooding because parts of Lincoln County have seen close to 7 inches of rain.

There are some parts of this water that we are told not to step into because of how deep it is. You can't even tell the difference between where the river used to sit and the park.

Several people stopped by the park to see for themselves how flooded it really is.They told us they have never seen the park get so flooded before. Their baseball fields and pavilions are completely submerged.

One man told us today he worries about the cleanup that will come after flooding live this. He also worries about the road conditions after the river has submerged roads nearby.

"It's pretty well submerged right now. Our parks and recreation will have a pretty big job cleaning it up. Police say don't cross the barriers. Please don't because there's a reason," says Kenneth Harrison.

The park is across from Fayetteville High School and this is a spot where a lot of students play sports.

The Lincoln County EMA said the flood waters from the Elk River will be cresting, or reaching it's highest point, at 6 pm on Thursday night on Eldad Road.

The EMA told us the Elk River usually crests at 17.5 feet, but on Thursday night it will crest at 25 feet. That's 8 feet above average! 

Roads that lead to Eldad Road are currently blocked off and police are urging people to not drive around the barricades.

Police told us the areas that are seeing the most flooding are on the outside of downtown Fayetteville. Areas like this that are at lower elevations, are seeing flood waters come up several inched to their homes. The Lincoln County Sheriffs Office and Lincoln County EMA said they'll continue to monitor the roads through this evening.

Fayetteville City Schools and Lincoln County Schools will be closed on Friday, as will Riverside Christian Academy.

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