Parents wait for more details on Alabama reopening schools in the fall

One parent hopes no one judges another parent's decision on whether or not they're keeping their kid in brick and mortar school or a virtual academy.

Posted: Jun 28, 2020 8:23 PM
Updated: Jun 29, 2020 8:31 AM

Alabama is just two months away from reopening schools come this fall.

However, it's still unclear exactly what this "new normal" will look like for teachers and students.

Parents do have a choice on whether they want to send their kids back to the classroom or enroll them in a virtual academy.

WAAY 31 spoke with a mother whose daughter has a compromised immune system about why she's still considering sending her daughter back to the classroom.

Many parents have expressed the need for social interaction for their children's growth and that's exactly what this mother wants for her daughter. She told us in-person instruction is what's best for her, but she knows if anything happens, she will be pulled out immediately.

"If for some reason, even the day before, something catastrophic occurs, she will not go. I'm really following day by day and doing my best to keep her safe," said Loni Newbould.

Newbould's daughter has allergy-induced asthma and food anaphylaxis, making her immune system and lungs very weak.

However, Newbould says her daughter is ready to return to school. She attends Discovery Middle School in Madison, and she's set on being around her teachers again and fellow students after social distancing for more than 14 weeks.

Newbould said she does have some concerns.

"If the protocols they have put in place, they're going to look good on paper, but I don't know if we're going to be able to execute them and that's what I'm curious about," she said.

In an announcement made by the state superintendent, he stated in all schools, there would be social distancing in place and everyone must wear a mask.

Newbould, like many other parents, is curious to know just how enforceable it will be during this academic school year.

Aside from her concerns, she's hoping whatever decision a parent makes for their child doesn't get reprimanded. She says it's important to take into consideration everyone's situation is different.

"Nobody's going to be right, nobody's going to be wrong. Whatever you decide to do for your child is what you're going to do," she said.

Newbould told us she hopes everyone understands coronavirus safety measures are new to everyone and she hopes parents can uplift one another during such an unprecedented time.

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