Parents of Grissom High School students want change

Huntsville City Schools met with parents who are concerned about safety at Grissom High School.

Posted: Nov 13, 2017 10:33 PM

A community meeting was held Monday night to address safety concerns at Grissom High School.

The Superintendent of Huntsville City Schools told WAAY 31 they are considering some changes, but nothing has happened just yet.

Some parents who send their kids to Grissom said changes need to happen soon.

One of those parents is Ricky gentry.

He has a Junior at Grissom High School.

"It's gotten to the point where she doesn't feel safe going to school. That's a big concern for me. Not only here safety, but safety of other students," said Gentry.

Part of that is because of recent fights and the circulation of a video on snapchat where a student threatened other students while holding a gun.

The district said they knew about the video and handled the threat the day before parents took their kids out of school.

They admit it was a mistake to not inform parents that they handled the situation.

They said they plan on improving their communication with parents in those types of situation.

"Whether it be a telephone call via school cast, a text message, an email, or a one on one conversation. It's complicated when you're investigation any incident involving students," said Huntsville City Schools Superintendent Dr. Matt Akin.

The district has a behavioral learning guide that they follow to decide when a student needs to be suspended or expelled.

Ricky gentry is one of the many parents at the community meeting who said the district isn't being strict enough on students who violate that policy and that an example needs to be set.

"Suspension. Expulsion. What every needs to be done needs to be done to show all kids that we're not going to tolerate this at all," said Gentry.

At the end of the day, Gentry said there's only so much the district can do and that it all starts at home.

"As a parent, I think we need to step in and sit down and talk with our kids and let them know we're not going to tolerate it at all," said Gentry.

Huntsville City Schools said they're going to increase security at the school temporarily and as needed.

They're also contemplating having metal detectors, but that would have to be a district wide change.

That would take more time, money, and debate to implement.

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