North Alabama paramedic reflects on decision to get coronavirus vaccine

Munyon said he was on the fence, but after talking to family and friends and reading up on the vaccine, felt it was the right move.

Posted: Jan 17, 2021 11:03 PM
Updated: Jan 18, 2021 11:04 AM

As Alabama prepares to move into its next phase of coronavirus vaccine distribution, residents remain split on whether or not they plan to get vaccinated.

While more than 11,000 people have already signed up to get the vaccine from Huntsville Hospital, many others say they don’t plan to get it -- either due to lack of trust or concern over the long-term impacts.

Local paramedic Perry Munyon said he was also on the fence.

“It was kind of really a toss-up,” he said. “So I talked to a bunch of people that did get it before I got it.”

Munyon had seen the posts on Facebook, the theories about trackers in the vaccines, but working on the frontlines of the fight against the virus, said he knew what he was up against.

“The way I felt was, it’s not a matter of if you’re gonna get it, it’s when you’re gonna get it,” he explained.

So he did his research, talking to people who had already been vaccinated and reading up on the vaccines before making a decision. He got his first dose on December 22, but just over a week later -- before he had built-up immunity -- he tested positive for coronavirus.

Last week, he received his second dose and did experience some side effects such as aches and chills, but said those only lasted a few hours.

With the vaccine becoming more widely available, Munyon said he’s seen what the virus can do and the real gamble is not getting the vaccine.

“I would just rather get the shot because I don’t want to see my spouse getting sick … family members, coworkers, it’s just not worth it,” he said. “And the side effects for the vaccine are much less than what you are playing with on the other side. You’re playing with possibly death on that other side.”

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