New cell phone rule at Huntsville City Schools has some parents concerned

Kids can have the cell phones on them, but they can't be turned on.

Posted: Jul 26, 2019 5:55 PM
Updated: Jul 26, 2019 10:07 PM

Parents are reacting to a strict new rule about cell phones at Huntsville City Schools.

Kids can have them, but they can't have them turned on.

"I buy my child a cell phone for a reason, so that I can get a hold of them any time I want to get a hold of them, and so that I know they are safe because they can also get a hold of me any time they need to. I'm never going to be mad at my kid for having a cell phone on them," Charles Osbourn said.

He is worried the new cell phone rule at Huntsville City Schools will keep parents from being able to reach their kids in an emergency.

"If there's something going on at the school and I see the news and I see police surrounding the school, I want to be able to know that my kid is okay, and I can't do that with their cell phone off," Osbourn said.

Osbourn says he understands the goal of eliminating distractions, but thinks in today's modern age, the rule can be dangerous.

"Don't take the safety aspect away if they need it while they are at their desk and something serious happened at school," Osbourn said.

WAAY 31 asked the district spokesman, Keith Ward, how schools will enforce the rule. Ward said after a student has been warned, teachers can confiscate phones until the end of the day. However, a parent, not the student, will have to pick it up at the administrative office.

Osbourn says that's a little much.

"Now, you are inconveniencing me. I mean what good has that done? I'm going to pick the cell phone up and be mad at the school, not mad at the student," Osbourn said.

At this time, no exceptions are written into the policy.

Schools can set a designated time and place for students to use their phones. That will be up to the principal's discretion.

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