Neighbors upset about overflowing trash at Decatur apartments

WAAY 31 went out to River Valley Apartments on Cedar Lake Road to try and get some answers for tenants.

Posted: Mar 12, 2019 8:09 PM
Updated: Mar 12, 2019 10:11 PM

UPDATE: (9:56 p.m.) Viewers shared photos and video of two people putting trash in a truck and trying to carry it off. A viewer says these were taken on Tuesday after WAAY 31 left the complex. The viewer identified one of the people in the photos as the apartment's manager.


Courtesy of a viewer

Courtesy of a viewer

Neighbors in a Decatur apartment complex say they're living in a dump.

Mounds and mounds of garbage are piling up outside around their homes.

WAAY 31 went out to River Valley Apartments on Cedar Lake Road to try and get some answers for tenants.

“It reminds me of a third-world country," Keith Dearman said.

That’s how Dearman describes the overflowing trash at his apartment complex.

“It’s an embarrassment," he said. "Not only that, it brings insects, rats, armadillos, and wild dogs.”

And that’s not all.

“The wind and rain we’ve been having lately, it’s just carrying trash all over the place," his wife, Rachel, added.

WAAY 31 started looking into the situation at River Valley Apartments after getting a tip from a neighbor. When we went out on Tuesday, the garbage was even higher than the day before. Neighbors tell us it's been piling up for about two weeks now.

“Dirty diapers, because some of them have babies around here," Dearman said. "And then you’ve got all the food that everybody throws away.”

One woman told WAAY 31 she doesn’t invite anyone over anymore because of the trash.

“A lot of times, I’ll take my dog out at night and I can smell a raw sewage smell, and I look around to see where it might be coming from, and I’m sure it’s probably from there," Carey Weeks said.

Weeks tells us she worries about her safety and her dog’s safety, because she's starting to see coyotes and raccoons.

Dearman says he personally reached out to the trash collector.

“They said the reason they haven’t picked it up is because of an outstanding balance," he said.

WAAY 31 reached out to the trash collector as well. Republic Services confirms that it picks up garbage at the complex, but couldn't tell us the last time that happened, or why it appears the service has stopped.

The leasing office was closed on Tuesday, but WAAY 31 called the number listed for the complex’s management. We're still waiting to hear back.

Now, Dearman says he only has one option left.

“We are going to move," he said. "We’re already planning on moving when our lease is up in September.”

We will be staying in touch with tenants, and if we hear back from the complex’s management, we will be sure to let you know.

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